Table of Contents for Knock Yourself Up
Knock Yourself Up includes the intimate stories of diverse women—Black, white, Latina, Native American, gay, straight, from all over the U.S., New York to Kansas—who have made the same choice as the author. Part memoir, part hot-topic reporting, part girlfriends’ guide, readers find Knock Yourself Up hard to put down. It’s for women considering taking the leap, but also for anyone interested in an in-depth, highly personal look at this growing trend. For a book club guide, click here.
Author’s Note Love Makes a Family: On the Politics of Single Motherhood and the Purpose of This Book
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Introduction How I Knocked Myself Up
Chapter One “Oops, I Forgot to Have Kids”: Deciding to Go It Alone                                   READ AN EXCERPT
Chapter Two Buying Dad: Making the Most Natural Thing in the World Unnatural
Chapter Three Trysts With the Turkey Baster
Chapter Four When You Know the Donor
Chapter Five Coming Out About Single Motherhood
Chapter Six Can I Afford This?
Chapter Seven The Daddy Question
Chapter Eight What About Sex? (Will I Ever Have It Again?)
Chapter Nine Being Single and Pregnant
Chapter Ten And Baby Makes Two: Surviving the First Year
Chapter Eleven Infinity and Beyond: A Peek Into Your Single-Mom Future
Resources Books, websites, support groups, academic studies, age-by-age fertility chart, cost estimates, etc.
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